Facing Marijuana Possession Charges

Being charged with marijuana possession can cause serious damage to you and your family. There are social stigmas for being charged that can be strenuous to handle. Because marijuana is an illegal drug in many states, crime accusations can lead to high fines and penalties that are too steep for many people. Different states have different approaches to drug charges, and depending on the state, you will need a specific layer who knows the state laws and the proper defenses for such cases.

Even a simple drug charge can be severe, therefore having the right defense could protect you and your life from and type of social stigma or discrimination that will come with the charges.

Marijuana is one of the most widely used illegal drugs not only in the United States, but also around the world. Currently two states allow their citizens the recreational use marijuana. Although there are states that allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes, you would need to have a prescription in order to possess and use it, while other states have certain limits on the amount of marijuana that a person can possess without being charged with a crime. Once caught in possession of marijuana, there are some factors that can affect the fines or penalties that can be given to you.

First, take into consideration the state laws and the federal jurisdictions where you have been caught. Being caught by federal law enforcement officials could mean that you have been under their radar for some time, possibly for large scale drug trafficking operation and such. Another factor to check is if your state has decriminalized marijuana. This means possession of marijuana on a certain small amount can be legal and is not punishable by law. The amount can also be a factor, whether they are for possession, manufacturing, sale, or growing.

Even though possession of marijuana is not often viewed as a serious offense as compared to other illegal drugs, it can still provide stiff penalties. Minimizing your sentence or fines mean finding the right lawyer who is aware of state laws and proper criminal defense against possession of marijuana. Since the effects of being charged with marijuana lasts a long time, protecting your rights is a must. After some time, it’s possible to have the crime removed from your record, but that is another complicated process. Your best bet would be to fight the drug possession charge and never have it put on your record in the first place.

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